18 November 2017

Strange Bedfellows

Reuters broke the story yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump and his family developed their first international hotel in Panama with a fraudster and later fugitive in business with a man laundering money for drug cartels and two former criminals from Russia.

It's a detailed piece and, rather than summarize it here, I recommend you head over to Reuters to read it. This is not the first time Trump has gotten into business with people linked to serious criminality.

The corrupt business practices and criminal connections described in this article are much like Trump's development projects in Azerbaijan (details here) and the Republic of Georgia (details here). He has also been accused of using his Manhattan projects as laundromats for Russian mobsters and organized crime (details here).

I certainly hope Special Counsel Robert Mueller, conducting the criminal investigation into Trump and associates is looking very carefully at these matters. Among other federal laws, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act requires Americans investing internationally to know their fellow business partners, something which Trump clearly has not done.

Trump looked the other way in order to make a buck and jumped into bed with unsavory characters. Hopefully the time will soon come when he will pay the price for his reckless and greedy behavior.

Firm But Fair

The top here, named Dalton, is aggressive and demanding but not cruel. He knows what he wants, and he's found a submissive bottom perfectly happy to serve him in every way possible. Dalton was featured once before here in a video on this blog that's still active.

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17 November 2017


Ohio state legislator and Republican Wes Goodman regularly trumpeted his Christian faith and family values. His wife Beth frequently appeared beside him in public events and campaign literature.

He also was loudly anti-LGBT and regularly spoke out against marriage equality. His campaign materials heralded how "the ideals of a loving father and mother, a committed natural marriage, and a caring community are well worth pursuing and protecting."

This week, Goodman abruptly resigned from office after it was revealed publicly that had been caught performing a sexual act with a man in his legislative office. News reports did not reveal what that sexual act was.

Ah yes, the party of family values.

The Seduction

The story here is that the horny, eager bottom seduces a straight lad he knows, played by Mark Long. Mark definitely has an "ordinary bloke" vibe, the sort who you don't pay too much attention to until you see him in a swimsuit or the gym shower and realize what he's packing.

I couldn't find Mark's stats but he's obviously tall. I see ordinary blokes like him whenever I'm out and about and I always wonder what they're packing. When they're tall and have a nice bulge in their crotch, I don't need to use much imagination.

The originals for these photos are huge and are part of a very large set featuring more than four hundred fifty images from eight shoots with blokes sucking and fucking. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

16 November 2017

Teeing Up Lies

New York magazine published an article last week (link here) that documents how the current GOP tax proposal, which Donald Trump has also been promoting heavily, is a shameless exercise in mass deception.

While claiming to benefit primarily the middle class, the proposal really benefits the extremely wealthy. And as I documented on this blog before, the Trump family stands to see lower taxes in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The New York piece reveals how owners of golf courses, like Trump himself, will see a particular windfall in the tax package. The article quotes from a Bloomberg News piece (link here) with the title "One Tax Loophole Untouched So Far: The Trump Golf-Course Break."

It's astonishing how the President can lie so brazenly and that his deception can so easily be exposed. Yet he's counting on his supporters not to tune into the news and, instead, blindly buy his bullshit.

This is the bottom line here: Trump himself and his children will be the biggest beneficiaries of this tax bill if it passes, not the middle class. Many middle and working class folks will actually see their taxes increase.

Jaxton on Top

I've featured Jaxton Wheeler eight times before here on this blog, and he's back today with his ninth appearance because I can never get enough of him. He oozes sex from his every pore. He actually looks bigger than his stats reveal -- he's 5'8 and weighs in at 195. He just projects bigger because he's often paired with smaller, slimmer lads.

The originals for these photos today are huge and part of a large collection featuring Jaxton topping in five different shoots. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

15 November 2017

The Plot Thickens

Late Monday, The Atlantic magazine broke the story (link here) about how Donald Trump's oldest son, Don Jr., directly communicated with Wikileaks in the final two months of the 2016 campaign. The Washington Post shortly thereafer published a good summary about how this all transpired (link here).

Intelligence experts widely believe the Russian government, under Vladimir Putin's direct orders, was disseminating much of the information they hacked through Wikileaks.

This revelation is highly important because it shows the Trump campaign was effectively colluding with the Russia government, and specifically their spies, through the intermediary of Wikileaks. In spy lingo, this go-between is called a cut-out and is regularly used in espionage.

Yesterday, NBC published an interesting piece analyzing what this all means (link here). These two lines are particularly noteworthy: (1) "Remember, the U.S. intel community said Russia intended to discredit the election results if Clinton had won -- exactly what WikiLeaks was instructing Trump Jr to do." (2) "Also remember that Trump mentioned ‘WikiLeaks’ 145 times during the final month of the 2016 campaign."

Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post wrote a superb column yesterday (link here) that ends with this commentary:

"At bottom this is also a political question, namely whether Trump’s conduct violated his oath of office and whether he abused the powers of the presidency to protect himself from embarrassment. Republican tribalists likely will never reach that conclusion, but a member of Congress viewing in good faith all this evidence in context (plus Trump’s attacks on the courts and press, his compulsive lying and his refusal to protect the country against further Russian interference) could — and I would suggest, should — reach a different result."

Undoubtedly, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is combing through all this evidence in his criminal investigation of Trump, his campaign, and his associates.

Stay tuned.

Scorching Hot Flip-Flop

This is a terrific flip-flop video pairing two uncut gods, Tomas Brand and Dato Foland. This is not the only scene the two have done together, so that suggests it was a pairing chosen by them and not the producers.

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14 November 2017

The Prosecutors

Politico published a fascinating article yesterday (link here) that analyzes how the seventeen prosecutors are working under Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who leads the criminal investigation into Donald Trump, his campaign, and his associates.

Many have direct experience in the Watergate investigation, prosecuting Enron executives, and other very high profile cases. Legally, anything is on the table if they turn over any crimes committed by Trump or his people before, during, and after the campaign.

By law, they can cast the widest net possible, likely part of the reason Trump himself is so frazzled by this complex investigation. And the fact that Trump's own lawyers have warned Mueller to stay away from the President's real estate deals suggests they already know he's looking at them.

As I've documented here before, Trump may have been involved in money laundering conspiracies tied to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (details here) and Russian mobsters in the Republic of Georgia (details here) and New York City (details here). Hopefully, Mueller and his people are looking into all of these matters and more.

Of course, when the team's next public move or batch of unsealed indictments will happen is anyone's guess. Complex criminal prosecutions take time and sealed indictments may already have been granted without the public's knowledge.

Stay tuned.

Dick's Thick Dick

These photos were just released, but I know they were taken a while ago because I've seen other circa 1990s photos of the same model at the same age. So perhaps they were thought lost and recently found or just archived on a shelf somewhere.

The subject is Dick McKay, who only ever did a few solo jerkoff shoots. You can tell is not a terribly tall lad, but he's certainly packing some nice equipment. He was featured here on the blog in a short photo set four years ago.

These photos posted today are larger than they appear below and total sixty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

13 November 2017

Clueless and Contemptuous

The New York Times published an absolutely excellent editorial yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump is clearly quite ignorant about what's in the constitution and how he has little interest in learning, likely because he has outright contempt for this critically important document.

The piece quotes a political science professor at Brown University, who says: "his idea of the presidency is, he was elected and he can do whatever he wants. Trump tends to think of things in terms of real estate law -- ways to get around legal requirements rather than enforcing and promoting them. That’s scary, because we rely on a President to espouse the norms of the Constitution."

The editorial then lays out an indictment of sorts about the many ways Trump has both violated the constitution and how he has openly encouraged others to do so, too.

This editorial provide a template for all the ways Trump should be impeached, but unfortunately, gutless Republicans in Congress continually put party before country. Thus, much more pressure from the citizenry must be applied to surmount their stubbornness.

Read the linked piece. It's short and well worth it.

Shower Power

Trenton Ducati, the top here, co-owns a porn website where men wear pantyhose and fuck each other. I wonder if that has anything to do with his private passions?

As for his stats, he's originally from Texas, 6'1, 195 pounds, and 38 years old. He's been featured a number of times before here on this blog.

The watermarked originals for the photos posted today are much larger than they appear below and total two hundred fifty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

12 November 2017

Woefully Unqualified

The New York Times published an excellent but disturbing column Friday (link here) about how Donald Trump has repeatedly nominated stridently partisan and profoundly unqualified men and women to fill federal court vacancies. Per the Constitution, these are people who will serve for life unless they resign or retire.

One nominee, Leonard Grasz, has many reasons for being unqualified, but of interest here is his outspoken advocacy of LGBT "conversion therapy" programs. That fact alone should disqualify him.

Another nominee, Jeffrey Mateer, has said transgender children are part of "Satan's plan," a fact that should disqualify him, too. Other nominees are racists, anti-women, and/or religious zealots.

Arguably the most outrageously unqualified is the man who has only been a lawyer for three years and has never had even a single appearance in any court, let alone argued a case (details here). If confirmed and seated, he would be less qualified than any of the lawyers who appear before him in his court.

Many of the nominees show a contempt for the bedrock legal concept of precedent, the foundation holding together both the American legal system and other English-speaking nations. Rejecting precedent means a judge can make up law on the bench and choose to ignore laws altogether.

I strongly recommend you read both linked pieces. Trump's is acting like the dictator in a banana republic, appointing incompetent, partisan judges who will ignore the law when ever they choose.

Behind Bars

I imagine this bears little resemblance to actual prison but the sex is hot nonetheless. If prison was this much fun, people would be trying to break in, not break out.

The bottom is Jim Slade while the tops are Carlo Cox and Chad Hunt. This is the third scene from the movie Muscle Penitentiary, a 2003 release.

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