19 September 2017

Under His Nose

During his campaign last year, Donald Trump repeatedly promised to "drain the swamp" by limiting the power of foreign lobbyists in Washington and, particularly, at the White House. Shortly after becoming President, he signed an order banning anyone in his administration from lobbying for a foreign government for life after leaving the White House.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump's former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was actually lobbying for foreign clients from inside the White House while working for the government at the same time (details here and here). The project in question was a joint Russian/Middle Eastern nuclear-power plan that included foreign government participation.

While in the White House, Flynn directed National Security Council staff to meet with the foreign companies involved to speed the project along. So while taxpayers were paying their salaries, White House staff was doing lobbying work for a foreign consortium.

So this leads us to several possible conclusions:

One, Trump is so incompetent he doesn't realize his own National Security Advisor, one of the President's closest aides, is breaking the law right under his nose.

Two, Trump is such an abysmal and morally compromised administrator that he can't demand adherence to the law by his own staff.

Three, Trump's promise to curtail foreign lobbying was yet another lie.

Four, Trump knew all along his presidential order limiting lobbying was a joke and he never planned to enforce it.

The answer may be some or all of the four possible conclusions above. On the last point, it is worth noting that Trump's White House has granted far more ethics waivers in less than a year than President Obama's White House did during his entire eight years in office (details here).

The bottom line, instead of draining the swamp, Trump has stocked it with lots more alligators, venomous snakes, spiders, and scorpions.

King Leon

In all candor, I don't often feature lads from the source website because they tend to feature unexceptional blokes. Leon, seen here, is a notable exception. He has a magnificent body and a sweet, innocent face. The website says Leon is twenty-four years old, stands 6'2, and weighs in at 205 pounds.

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18 September 2017

Juvenile Delinquent

Early yesterday morning, Donald Trump went on another Twitter tirade (details here). Included in the items he posted were a taunt directed at the North Korean dictator, whom he called "Rocket Man," and a meme of him hitting Hillary Clinton on the back of the head with a golf ball.

This comes on the eve of Trump's first appearance before the United Nations this week when he will address the General Assembly.

Why Trump continues to engage in such childish behavior on Twitter and before the media is a mystery. His rabid base loves it, but the majority of Americans and others around the world believe it demeans both the presidency and the United States.

Trump isn't acting presidential. He's acting like a deranged fool.

There is no constructive value in acting this way. He's like the class clown in school who made fart noises and set the wastebasket on fire -- he's desperate for continuous attention and gratification and will do anything to keep it coming.

You don't "make America great again" acting like this. One is left wondering what the endgame will be for this pathetic farce.

Big Steve

The top here goes by Steve, at least in porn, where he just debutted a few weeks ago and has done three scenes so far, all as a top. The releasing site provided no stats or personal information, but he's obviously well built and keeps in shape.

I've often wondered how blokes like this are recruited into porn. College-aged lads are obvious because on-campus advertising is everywhere, at least in California schools, but somehow they're finding blokes like Steve who are a bit older. I know some of the studios advertise on Craigslist, so perhaps there's where they found this fellow.

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17 September 2017

Evangelical Hypocrisy

The New York Times published an interesting piece Thursday (link here) that showed how nearly two-thirds of white evangelical Protestants in 2011 said that a politician who commits an immoral act in his personal life cannot behave ethically in their professional life.

Five years later, however, following the rise of Donald Trump, whom white evangelical Protestants still strongly support, nearly three-fourths said someone who is immoral in his personal life can behave ethically in their profession.

So in other words, a pussy grabber who is a serial adulterer and habitual liar can be a moral and ethical President.

What's particularly galling about this is how only Trump gets the "moral pass" from conservative evangelicals. They have no problem with an adulterous pussy-grabber but God forbid two gay men get married because that's "immoral."

Astounding and appalling.

Kurt Returns

Here is an entire porn movie titled Rogered! featuring hot stud Kurt Rogers in three scenes. The other two scenes are hot, too, but seem unrelated. Kurt has been featured in this blog many times before, and you can find all of those posts here

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16 September 2017

The Kill Switch

Following the terrorist attack in London yesterday, Donald Trump made another one of his moronic comments about shutting down the internet (link here).

This echoes similar comments he's been making for at least two years. Back in December 2015, for instance, he had more draconian proposals about closing down the internet and mocked those with First Amendment objections (details here).

While the freedom of speech threats indeed are troubling because they illustrate Trump's mindset when it comes to respecting the Constitution, on a more fundamental level, this demonstrates how he's completely clueless about the basics of ordinary life.

From a technological standpoint, there is no giant kill switch than can be flipped for the internet. It's a highly decentralized yet infinitely complex system.

Even if it was technically possible, shutting down the internet would throw international commerce into a panic and the economic effects would be horrific. Countless billions in transactions are processed daily online.

Trump's supporters are saying that he "really meant" to cut off internet only to terrorists. While technologically impossible, it is also logistically impossible, too -- how would you know who was a sleeper terrorist in order to cut off his service?

Now it's always possible Trump made this remark just to troll people. If that's so, what value is there in the United States President deliberately making himself look like a fool?

Birthday Gangbang

A gangbang orgy would be a pretty wild way to celebrate your birthday. Obviously this is not a surprise party, because the bottom eagerly rushes into the room as soon as he sees his friends have assembled.

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15 September 2017

Selective Devotion

Andrew Rosenthal at The New York Times had a great column yesterday (link here) titled "Trump’s Selective Devotion to Law and Order."

In the piece, he shows how Donald Trump is an outrageous hypocrite on the issue of criminal prosecutions. If you do something he doesn't like -- such as oppose him -- you should be locked up and put on trial, according to him.

This is exactly the sort of lawless behavior seen in dictatorships and quasi-dictatorships like Russia. If you speak out, you're locked up to silence you and then bogus charges are filed, followed by a hasty trial and quick conviction.

Equally, if you're a flagrant lawbreaker but say nice things about Trump or he likes you, then you should get a free pass. It doesn't matter if you've committed a score of felonies; you should walk free and be left alone.

This is precisely the sort of behavior we've seen in corrupt politicians like Richard Nixon. Criminal statues are only for people who you don't like and who aren't like you.

Read Rosenthal's piece. It's short but excellent.

Friendly Beast

Jaxton Wheeler has been featured on this blog before, but it's been a while, so he's back today with some new photo sets. He does a lot of porn and also escorts, so I guess that means he's pretty much fucking blokes all the time. What a life.

All of the download sets for the previous picture posts of Jaxton are still available and can be found here. Note that the insert photos are inoperative for one of the listings but the whole download set for that entry is still live.

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14 September 2017

White, Straight, and Male

CNN reported yesterday that, unlike previous Republican and Democratic Presidents, Donald Trump has overwhelmingly nominated white (and presumably straight) men to be US Attorneys, the top criminal prosecutors in every federal district in the country (link here).

In fact, of the forty-two named so far, only one is a woman. This continues Trump's practice of overwhelmingly nominating straight white men to key positions in his administration -- hundreds and hundreds of them.

In contrast, there are few women, very few people of color, and very, very few who are openly LGBT.

The nomination of almost entirely straight white men to US Attorney slots means prosecutions will be slanted toward issues that concern straight white men. And since future federal judges often come from the ranks of US Attorneys, that means more straight white male judges over the horizon.

The result is that women, people of color, and LGBT Americans are more marginalized, notwithstanding they collectively vastly outnumber straight white men.

You'd have to go all the way back to President Eisenhower's administration in the 1950s to find a White House so overwhelmingly white, male, and straight. Trump seems determined to yank America back to that era, when minorities were repressed, women were marginalized, and LGBT Americans were firmly hidden in the closet -- even though a large majority of people today have no interest in going there.

Such policies are not something we should see from someone self-professed to be the "best" President for LGBT Americans. But, of course, we long ago realized that was a lie.

Magic Mike

I don't know if this big uncut lad is really a stripper, but he looks like he could be one. He's allegedly named Mike, which he has used consistently on the variety of porn sites where he's appeared, so perhaps it is genuine.

He has only ever done solo masturbation stuff and one straight scene with a woman, as far as I could determine. I don't know his stats, but I do know he's from Montreal and appears to be quite tall.

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13 September 2017

The Craven Clique

Dana Milbank wrote an excellent column for yesterday's Washington Post (link here) about how Republican leaders were willing to overlook dozens and dozens of outrageous, offensive things Donald Trump said and did, but when he cut a short-term budget deal with Democrats, GOP members of Congress were publicly outraged.

These were some of Trump's comments and actions they overlooked and thus quietly condoned:

--His support of neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

--His hateful racist rhetoric.

--His vicious attack on federal judges.

--His repeated attacks on the American judicial system.

--Mocking a distinguished veteran because he was a prisoner of war.

--Firing the FBI director in an attempt to derail a criminal investigation into his own and family members' illegal behavior.

--Bragging about sexually assaulting women.

--Fabricating false charges against previous Presidents.

--Attacking the mayor of a major city in another nation.

These are only some of the items and Milbank includes many more. It's nothing short of repulsive how Republicans repeatedly put party loyalty before country and looked the other way.

Hopefully, the GOP will have a great comeupance in the 2018 midterms. They deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

New Uniform

This starts with credits but it's not the whole movie -- it's the extended opening scene, which runs a little under fifty minutes. The big hot black musclecop top is Diesel Washington, his fellow officer is Trey Casteel, and the eager tailor is Patrick O’Connor.

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